My Computer Keeps Freezing – How to Fix It Easily & Speed Up your Computer in Just 2 Minutes

Help, My Computer Keeps Freezing. That is a common question a lot of computer users ask, when they face one of the most frustrating computer errors. Your computer screen freezes while you are finishing an important project, running a program, playing games, or browsing the internet.

So what can you do at the moment your PC freezes up? Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL at the same time, will open the Task Manager, which shows you all the programs that are currently running on your computer. Select the programs that have a status “Not Responding”, and click “End Task”. This will close the not responding programs. Be aware that you will probably lose all unsaved data. This is the price you have to pay when your computer keeps freezing up.

Why does My Computer Keeps Freezing?

There are several reasons why your computer keeps freezing up. One way to eliminate your computer from freezing is by finding its root that is the Windows registry. The windows registry is an important component of the Windows operating system. Without it, Windows would not be able to run. The registry keeps track of everything, e.g. where the files are located, user preference, file associations, shortcuts, uninstall entries and much more.

My Computer Keeps Freezing due to Windows Registry

The Complexity of the Windows Registry

When the windows registry starts to become very large, your PC’s performance can decrease and it can cause computer freezing.

How to Fix Computer Freezing?

Click Here to Donwload your Free RegCure ScanRunning a registry cleaner, such as RegCure (Download Free Scan | Video Presentation | Official Site), on a regular basis will keep your registry clean and free of damaged entries. RegCure is a Microsoft Windows tool that will fix Windows errors by analyzing your registry for corrupt, obsolete, and missing entries resulting from unsuccessful installations and un-installations, disabled drivers and spyware programs.

It takes about 2 minutes to scan your Registry. You may be surprised what you find as it is not uncommon for hundreds even thousands of errors to be uncovered.

Cleaning a corrupt and cluttered Windows Registry will not only speed up your PC, but also stop you from saying “My Computer Keeps Freezing”.

Sick of your PC freezing up? Want to fix PC errors easily? Scan your PC for free and fix corrupt Windows registry issues.

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